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The 5 most important insurances in Germany

December • 17th, 2018
by Franz Leeb

Important insurances for Expats living in Germany


When living in Germany insurances in general are very important and some even are compulsory. Therefore as an expat you should make sure that you have the necessary insurance coverage. Here is a short overview of the 5 most important insurances when living in Germany as an expat.


Private Liability Insurance 

Purpose: This cover protects you against any damage you may cause unintentionally to someone else. This includes material damage (for example you drop someone else's smartphone by accident) as well as bodily damage (for example someone gets injured in a bicycle accident). Especially these claims can easily reach millions of Euros in damages and therefore threaten your economic existence.

Benefit: The insurer takes over your legal defense expenses against these claims and/or provides compensation for justified claims by the other side.

Costs per year: Between €55 and €95


Household Insurance 

Purpose: Protects your household belongings such as kitchen, clothing, electric devices, valuables, bicycle, furnishings against brake-in, water damage, theft and fire.

Benefit: The insurer refunds the purchasing price of all your belongings and damages from third side and pays for a hotel stay during the time in which your home cannot be used. In average theses damages add up to 50.000 € per household.

Costs per year: Between €100 and €150.


Accident and Disability Insurance

Purpose: Secures your net income from work in case of an accident or lengthy illness.

Benefit: Provides a live long pension payment or lump sum in case of lengthy disability or illness. You are even entitled to the pension after beginning a new job in a different field. The insurer also continues paying out when you go back to your home country for good. It covers also illnesses like burnout.

Costs per month: Depends on the monthly pension desired and occupation, between €50 and €150.


The most important thing is to stay healthy. Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In Germany, around 70+ million people are insured by a statutory health insurance.

Private Health Insurance for employees (with higher income from 5.000 € gross salary p.m.) 

Purpose: Entitles higher earning employees for a cover with far better benefits and worldwide coverage in comparison to German public insurance.

Benefit: worldwide coverage, best benefits, much lower costs in comparison to public insurance.

Costs per month: Depends on entry age and desired performance, between €200 and €300.


Statutory health insurance (for everybody, does not depend on how much you earn)

Purpose: The most important thing of all is to stay healthy. Germany has one of the best healthcare

systems in the world. In Germany, around 70+ million people are insured by a statutory health insurance.

Benefits: The treatment provided by physicians, therapists and other healthcare professionals offers you a lot of safety. It also covers all existing medical conditions. Family members without an income of their own are jointly insured under the statutory health insurance at no extra cost.

Cost per month: Premium rates are determined by the legislators apply. These are calculated as a percentage of income in line with the principle of solidarity – higher earners pay higher premiums. The more you earn, the more you pay. But only up to a limit known as the contribution assessment ceiling. No contribution is collected from earnings above this threshold.


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