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Expert in the City: An Interview with Brigitte Kaps

January • 22nd, 2019
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expert in the City today: Brigitte Kaps


Who are you and where are you from? Since when are you in Munich? What do you do? 

I am CEO & Founder of Only1life AG, a divorce consultancy platform, offering all relevant services and support during all phases of a divorce. My company works together with a lot of specialists, like lawyers, financial advisors, psychologists, mediators etc. My company is headquartered in Switzerland and has a branch in Munich Centre as well. I came to Munich when the branch in Munich opened in 2016. I already came here every year as a child so I already knew the city pretty well!


In what way do you serve the expat community in Munich and why is it important to you?

Almost every 2nd marriage in Germany fails after an average of 15 years. So do a lot of expat marriages, as couples very often move their job, accessories and place to live to another country, but not their relationship. The new surrounding and different culture don’t make life any easier for expats… One of both has to work a lot, the spouse very often stays at home, as she (mainly women) doesn’t find a job.


The interesting part is that our clients are mainly male expats; women very often don’t know where to ask for support or don’t have the money, as they are completely depending on their husbands, which in my opinion is a huge mistake. My advice: never financially depend on your spouse.

We guide and help expatriates through this difficult phase. For us it is very important to make people’s life easier in this challenging phase of life. We all have only ONE life to live and if is important that we make the best out of it. 

photo by Mpora

"We all have only ONE life to live and if is important that we make the best out of it." 

Do you have some encouraging words or advice for expats in the city?

Try to learn about the culture and behaviour of locals, especially if it is completely different to your culture. And very important: learn the local language. Germans very much appreciate when you at least try to speak their language. This will help you to make friends.


What is your favorite spot in Munich and why?

I love the English garden, the summer roof top bar of Mandarin Oriental and for clubbing Paradise Club



Thank you for your time, Brigitte! 



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