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Little Munich Black Book

Little Munich Black Book (or “LMBB”) is a fully-integrated community and social network empowering english-speaking mothers in Munich. With the assistance of major social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, and their own website, LMBB seeks to help all mothers in Munich integrate and enjoy city-living to the fullest.

“Momdates”, brunches, city tours, cinema nights, “Mom Night Outs” and a weekly “Mommtisch” are only a few of the ways LMBB is helping to bring Munich and its female expat network full-circle. They also offer workshops, classes, courses, assistance in emergency situations, neighbourly help, cultural immersion advice, networking, relevant information, friendly banter, and case-studies helping both german- and international-relocated mothers immerse into Bavarian living as quickly and comfortably as possible.

We know that Munich is an amazing place to live, play, and raise your children, and we want to share this knowledge with everyone; but make no mistake, this is NOT just a “children’s playgroup”. Little Munich Black Book is a woman-centric network; for moms, by moms, to celebrate moms – in other words, children are always welcome... but never required.

Their slogan, “mia san mama” (Bavarian for “we are moms”), says it all.

Little Munich Black Book. Mom, Meet Your New Best Friends.