We are passionate outdoor adventure, education and culture travel specialists based in Munich. We provide unique opportunities for schools, businesses, groups and individuals (local and international) to explore, challenge and discover more about the environment, local culture and themselves through experiences in the great outdoors. 


We design outdoor educational programmes and residential trips for schools, offering an exciting and enriching complement to academic education. Our programmes (from youth leadership programmes, team-building and outdoor skills events to mindfulness courses) provide real-life learning experiences, which challenge and inspire; instilling a sense of self-worth, life values, respect for one another and the environment.


We are a leading provider of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Germany- from setting up and administering Award work in schools to organising expeditions and residential projects.


Furthermore we offer workshops, day events, weekend retreats and tours year round based around Munich, Southern Bavaria, Austria, Northern Italy, the UK and Ireland for groups and individuals.


Contact us for further information:


Rüthlingstr. 3 
80636 München