Anglo-Bavarian Club

The Club started in the early sixties when a group of businessmen and professionals 
from Munich and the UK formed a luncheon club in Munich. 
In 1979 the club was registered 
under the name Anglo-Bavarian Club, Munich 
and has retained the name “ABC“ to this day.

The purpose of the Club is to foster social and business contacts between Bavaria and Great Britain. Evening meetings are held at regular intervals usually at a hotel in central Munich. Guest speakers are invited to present on subjects of current interest. The Club has many prominent and interesting personalities as speakers in English or German and in addition organises exclusive cultural and social events. The club also offers an attractive forum for those planning to stay in Bavaria for only a few years, as most members are bilingual and give the club a special flair. We are now much more than just a luncheon club.

Some events are held jointly with other clubs and organisations such as the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany, the Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft and the German Canadian Association. The club is actively supported by the British Consulate General.


Heinrich Vogl Str. 14

81479 München