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American-German Business Club e.V.

Composed of 8 chapters, the American-German Business Club e.V. (AGBC) is a private, non-profit, non­political, non-partisan, and all volunteer organization.

With 200+ members, AGBC Munich is the 2nd largest AGBC chapter. We are active in the Munich business com­munity, taking part in educational, social and community service projects. Our members include employees of global enterprises and small- and medium-sized companies plus consultants and free-lancers. Using our networking platform, one can meet new people and create rewarding business connec­tions in Germany and worldwide. This forum is open to persons, companies and non-profit organizations, regardless of nationality.


Our forum enables our members to:

  • drive business development

  • discuss the possibilities of trade, business and technology advances

  • nurture the free exchange of ideas

  • inform our members and guests on German and American business customs, culture and traditions

  • foster understanding of historical, trade and political background information for Germany and North America.

  • provide speakers and discussions addressing related technology, cultural and local community topics.

Mail at:
Amerika Haus

Barerstr. 19A

80333 München

(until around August 2018)


Events at:

Marriott Hotel

Berlinerstr. 93

80805 München