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Münchner Schulstiftung

According to Ernst von Borries, who founded the Münchner Schulstiftung in 2005, offering young people a place where they can grow up to become self-confident, responsible personalities, is the most vital duty of any society. The Münchner Schulstiftung –Ernst v. Borries–, which is a nonprofit foundation, wants to add its contribution to this development. It counts on holistic education from the nursery school to high school graduation – something that is unique in Munich.

That being said, the school foundation adheres to a bilingual concept in four out of its five pedagogical institutions: The Waldkindergarten “Lumberjack” at Aubinger Lohe, Munich’s first bilingual kindergarden ( German/English ), has been part of Münchner Schulstiftung since September 2015. Another two bilingual institutions are located in Pasing: One is the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Kinderhaus with two respective nursery and kindergarden groups. The other one is Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule with daycare and coaching for native speakers of French, Spanish and Greek. Obermenzinger Gymnasium is one of the few state-approved schools in Munich offering a bilingual track. In this private school for economic and social sciences, several subjects have been taught in English as of grade 5 in the bilingual track since 2013/2014. The second Gymnasium which is part of the Münchner Schulstiftung is state-approved Privatgymnasium Dr. Florian Überreiter in Haidhausen. Students here do not have to score an average grade of at least 2,33 and do not have to take trial lessons before admission. It is their personality which counts and, therefore, the school administration conducts counselling sessions with every girl or boy. Since the beginning of the current semester, senior students and their teachers have had the opportunity to use the rooms at the newly built Casa Don Bosco in Auerfeldstraße only a five minute walk from the main building, who’s bright rooms are perfectly equipped with the latest technology.