Events / Systemic Coaching: Decoding hidden patterns in Relationships

Expert Talk: decoding hidden patterns in Relationships

Moving to a new city and culture is a great chance and also a great challenge.

When starting over new in a new environment we take our old selves and pattern with us.


It is a great moment to step back and uncover patterns that no longer serve us in order to allow us to thrive fully  in our new lives.


But you don´t have to start over new to start over new: anywhere and anytime is the right moment to look at what is unconsciously holding you back.



Rebecca Szeto, an Executive Consultant as well as Relationship Coach from Hong Kong and eminent authority in the field of systemic coaching, will give us an insight into her work leading up to her workshop on „Relationship and you“ on  Saturday July 13th.


About the Expert speaker:


Rebecca Szeto has worked systemically as an IT manager for global companies such as Bank of America, Digital Equipment and others. Wanting to find a way to apply systems theory to human relationships.


Rebecca is a Business Consultant and Relationship Coach, specialised in delivering business solutions , identifying blind spots, revealing unseen dynamic and resolving conflicts and challenges for business, career and in family.


Lately Rebecca has focused on new methods using a Sentence of Intention as a starting point. This method very quickly reveals the deeper unconscious structure  behind the words.


She is an international traveller, has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, China and the Middle East, is often invited as guest speaker at the International Conferences.


what other participants say:


"The organization constellation work of Rebecca Szeto is a great experience: Very authentic, very natural, very relaxed, with her obviously having a special sensibility for the area below the surface. Her work gives you a deep insight into your present professional situation, and shows to you very clearly where your prospects are."

Dr. Christa Gescher, Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany




“Rebecca herself is a deep and connected master of her craft. She guides people to the realities of their lives in a manner which is at once effective, considerate, insightful.”

B. MacDonald, Vice President, PSI Corporations, Philippines




Date: 10 July  2019

Time: 18h30 to 21h00




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