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Magic Eyes Visual training for Children


It is estimated that globally there are around 815 million school-aged children who require some form of vision correction to see clearly. Reading and staring into devices weakens the natural state of the eyes and is becoming more and more an issue for the eyesight health of our children.

Magic eyes vision training for children is a simple yet highly effective way to restore normal vision in children. We will teach you some simple exercises that you can do together with your child.


Leo Angart accomplished what many considered to be impossible. He restored his own eyesight naturally without surgery or expensive therapy sessions.


Since then, the renowned author and trainer from Denmark has been empowering and helping children as well as adults to regain their vision all over the world. His books have become a great success and are of amazing value for all those who too believe that it is possible to restore the eyesight naturally..

For further information on Leo Angarts „Magic Eyes“ Method please follow this link:






Date: 13 and15 April 2019

Time: 14:00-17:00

Location: Expat in the city events Headquarter


This event is at 160 euros

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